• ​ It is a rainy and slow morning here and I am HERE FOR IT. I love an excuse to slow down and just chill. My personality loves to be productive at all times (which is good and bad honestly,) and sometimes I feel like I need an excuse to slow down. I am working on… [Continue Reading]

    How to feel better during uncertain times (like, now…)
  • Wearing Dressed in Lala tee (use code MEAGANxLALA for 10% off), THESE glasses, and a similar Victoria and Emerson boho bracelet Hello my friends! Happy Sunday! I wanted to keep it short and sweet this week as I have been so tired! We are nearing the end of our (phase 1) renovations and I am READY. Our floor is scheduled to be… [Continue Reading]

    If you struggle with body image, you NEED this book
  • What are you really bad at, or what have you failed at recently?  I feel like social media gives off this false sense of feeling like everyone in the world has it together but us, because we all only post the best of the best most of the time. *raises hand  But you know what?… [Continue Reading]

    I’m really bad at this
  • I bought this amazing @knixwear suit back in May, and when I was sharing it on stories the other day the first thing I did was start to apologize for my body. Between moving and renovating our new house and all that is happening this year, it has been harder to feel my personal best.… [Continue Reading]

    Don’t apologize for your body!
  • Hey friends! Happy Monday! I hope you are doing well! I am sitting in my brand new desk chair, at my new desk, in my new home office, and I am so happy:) We still don’t have our floors here so I am staring at subfloor, but I am trying to be patient and positive… [Continue Reading]

    A few of my favorite things (lately!)