• I am currently sitting in my home, surrounded by boxes, with about two days left living in Alabama before our move to Michigan. Eek! We are over the moon excited to move back to Michigan, near our best friends, and to our new home that we will be fixing up. But as always, it is… [Continue Reading]

    On anxiety and moving
  • We are currently one week out from moving from our home here in Alabama to our new home in Michigan. While we have done this a lot (#militarylife), it still is always very bittersweet leaving what is familiar to something new. We are moving to a beautiful house we plan to remodel, and friends that we… [Continue Reading]

    How to love your body more AS IS (part one…)
  • I was on a walk the other day, listening to a podcast about the power of positive thoughts, and it triggered the idea to write a post/newsletter around it! I love when inspiration strikes and all I want to do is get home and write down my ideas.  I’m sure this doesn’t come as a… [Continue Reading]

    How to stop negative thinking (if I can do it, you can do it!!)
  • You guys. The beaches opened up again where I live and I am here for it! The beach is my absolute happy place, and having a collection of bathing suits that SUIT my mood (you see what I did there?), is key for me. I like variety! I went through the bin where I keep… [Continue Reading]

    Amazon and Target bathing suit roundup
  • I had a bad day the other day. I woke up and felt off, just mentally heavy and not myself. So I tried to do a couple of things that tend to make things better on days like this. I took a walk, journaled, listening to an inspiring podcast, and read a book that usually helps… [Continue Reading]

    A terribe, horrible, no good, very bad day (and what you can do about it!)