• Last week a really good week over here. My kids went back to school for 2 days (we have a hybrid shedule for now) and I am so happy for them. They needed more social interaction and I needed some time to be home alone lol. It’s a win/win! I got to hit up Hobby… [Continue Reading]

    3 things to think about this week
  • Fall shoe roundup! Some of these shoes I have had for years, and some are new. This year I have been really into non athletic sneakers, something I haven’t really done in the past. Turns out, sneakers are really comfortable for daily life lol. I also love a camel colored shoe over black, they just… [Continue Reading]

    Fall shoe roundup!
  • What if the crappiest, most rock bottom, soul crushing moments in your life were what is meant for you? What if, without these moments, we could have lived a life that wasn’t meant for us, or we are being steered turns learning a certain lesson? When I think back on a lot of moments that… [Continue Reading]

    What if the worst things in life are actually good for you?
  • It took moving away from where I grew up to appreciate it. To see how changing seasons was something I took for granted, because I always had it. We (my husband and I) moved right after I graduated college to warmer climates, and lived without the drastic changing of seasons for 11 years. When we… [Continue Reading]

    Falling in love with Fall
  • I’ve been noticing a lot lately how many diet ads are on tv right now. Especially on channels typically geared towards women (HGTV, Hallmark.) At this point they don’t affect me, though I get annoyed by the obvious messages they are spreading that embrace diet culture. I get mad for my daugher, who I notices… [Continue Reading]

    Diet culture and motherhood