• When do you feel the most powerful? ✌🏻 I feel it the most when I put on my workout clothes, right before a workout. There’s something about intentionally putting on each piece of clothing that begins to give me inner PEACE. Knowing that I am choosing something that pushes me and makes me feel like… [Continue Reading]

    What makes you feel powerful?
  • I did a thing….💫 I opened up an art shop on Etsy! I’ve loved creating art my entire life, and always did it just for me, a hobby. I just really like creating things, something that quartantine really helped teach me after I forgot it in the busyness of life. I think creating and putting… [Continue Reading]

    I just opened up an Etsy shop!!
  • What do you do for fun? 💫 I like to read, paint, bake bread on Sunday’s, browse stores, watch movies with my family, decorate, a lot of things. One thing I am sure of is that I make time to leave room for FUN in my day. Stuff that is just for me and my… [Continue Reading]

    Do you have enough fun in your life?
  • When I had my first baby almost 13 years ago, my main mission was to “get my body back.” I was determined to lose the weight fast, to erase the fact that I had birthed a child from my body. I dieted, I restricted, and lost what little weight I had allowed myself to gain… [Continue Reading]

    The problem with ‘getting your body back’ after baby
  • Have you seen the movie “Soul” yet? I watched it with my kids the other night and it really got to me. For a bit watching it I thought having a purpose was the whole point, something to anchor us to life. And then…you discover that we have it all wrong. I’m guilty, too.The point… [Continue Reading]

    How the movie ‘Soul’ rocked my world