• I’ve been going to (virtual) therapy since last November, and can I tell you how good that has been for me? I had originally visited my doctor in November because I had feeling really anxious and depressed and couldn’t shake it. With all of 2020, a cross country move and a renovation, plus my kids… [Continue Reading]

    What I learned in therapy this week
  • Happy Monday, my friends! I hope your weekend has been a good one, and if you live somewhere cold you have stayed warm. I’m definitely thinking of any of you that live in Texas, what a crazy week!  Saturday was my daughter’s 13th birthday and I cannot believe how fast these years have gone by.… [Continue Reading]

    3 things to think about the week//February 22nd
  • This winter I have bought 3 amazing coats from Amazon! This has been our first winter back in Michigan after 3 years in Alabama, and most of my coats that I owned were geting a little ratty looking and felt tight. It was time for an upgrade (or three…) I love having a few jackets… [Continue Reading]

    Winter Coats from Amazon
  • My daughter turns 13 this week (!) and I am allowing her to get an Instagram account, which she is really excited about! We will take all the precaustions (it’ll be private, I check her phone often,) but there is still so much out there that she will see that I won’t be able to… [Continue Reading]

    Inspiring Instagram Accounts I want my 13 year old daughter to follow
  • *****sorry for the unintended two weeks hiatus here…my computer forgot all my passwords and I had to reset alost all of them (and write them down lol)******* Good morning, my friends! Happy Monday! I hope your week has been a good one. Ours was uneventful and pretty much the same as every other week. Often… [Continue Reading]

    3 things to think about this week//Feb 15th