• Have you seen the movie “Soul” yet? I watched it with my kids the other night and it really got to me. For a bit watching it I thought having a purpose was the whole point, something to anchor us to life. And then…you discover that we have it all wrong. I’m guilty, too.The point… [Continue Reading]

    How the movie ‘Soul’ rocked my world
  • One of the things that took me into my mid 30’s to figure out, was how good movement makes my body feel. I didn’t know. For years I thought “working out” meant I had to do a class with complicated moves, or running miles on a treadmill, or something that I had to dread. The… [Continue Reading]

    How I move my body for my mental health
  • If you scroll back deep enough in my feed you’ll see a period of time where I posted a lot of “before and after’s.” It was a time in my life where I was learning about what my body could do, what I was capable of. And you know what, I reached a lot of… [Continue Reading]

    I am more than a body
  • While I didn’t make any big resolutions this year, I did decide to keep up with what I was working on all last year, and that is more BODY KINDNESS.Right now the world is promising us all more happiness and fulfillment with cleanses and detoxes, intense meal plans and exercise routines. Most of these are… [Continue Reading]

    A 2021 goal….
  • Do yourself a favor if you can. When you are feeling *off, get dressed. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or uncomfortable. After a week or so of leggings and sweatshirts I felt the need to get dressed again. A soft as sin pullover, stretchy jeans that feel like leggings, and simple sneakers, and lipstick… [Continue Reading]

    An instant mood lifter