• If you’ve known me for a hot second you know that I rarely wear my real wedding rings. I love switching things up too much! The rings in this pic are part of my collection of Diamonique rings from @qvc, and they make me so happy. Just like I switch up my clothes for the… [Continue Reading]

    My (fake) ring collection!
  • Other people’s opinion of you doesn’t have to be your reality. Read that again! How many times in your life have you been labeled something that defined you at some point? I’ve been labeled: LazyUn-athleticCold as ice (unemotional)Too skinny/Too bigDumbSelfishUncaring And more. I’ve been labelled, and believed, all of these at some point. I held… [Continue Reading]

    Why do we let the opinions of others shape who we are?
  • Who else misses travelling? The other day I found myself scrolling my camera roll and seeing all the fun places we have gone the past few years. Some close and some far, but all amazing in their own ways. Here’s me list of where I dream of going as soon as possible! 1) Back to… [Continue Reading]

    Where do you dream of travelling?
  • It’s been a year of needing to wear glasses! Funny enough, I’m so used to wearing them now I feel like something is missing if I see my reflection and I’m not wearing them. It took me 39 years before I learned I needed them, and it’s been fun finding glasses that fit my personality.… [Continue Reading]

    Cute prescription glasses!
  • Last week a really good week over here. My kids went back to school for 2 days (we have a hybrid shedule for now) and I am so happy for them. They needed more social interaction and I needed some time to be home alone lol. It’s a win/win! I got to hit up Hobby… [Continue Reading]

    3 things to think about this week