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Your Simplified Closet. Your guide to creating a curated wardrobe that works for your beyond busy life.

Are you tired of having nothing to wear despite having a closet stuffed with clothes? 

Do you struggle daily to put outfits together that make you feel amazing?

Are you fed up with making impulse purchases that drain your bank account, only to find that they don’t work with anything you own? 

 Do you struggle with having a closet filled with outfits that only work for one part of your life (tons of work clothes, but no date night outfits?)

What if I told you it could be EASY to have a closet filled with clothing and accessories that bring you joy and peace of mind on a daily basis? Clothes that work for all the parts of your life…because we don’t just need clothes for one lifestyle! 

You guys, I’ve been there. 

I’ve stood in front of a closet bursting from the seams with clothing that I impulsively bought, HOPING that it would work for me. It never did. I bought all the trendy things, the clothes that caught my eye at Target and wore a time or two before donating, the clothes that I thought I SHOULD wear to be the type of person I wasn’t. Uncomfortable things. Expensive things. I’ve bought and discarded it all. I’ve stood in front of my clothes, WILLING something cute to pop out at me, while my husband waited not so patiently for me to get ready. 

 (Insert sobbing face emoji.)

But then I found a system that worked for me. I started looking at my lifestyle and what I really liked and wore, and built a curated, SIMPLIFIED closet filled with pieces that make me happy on a daily basis. I can build looks based on my REAL LIFE, not the life that magazines or socail media say I should have. I don’t have to think hard at all when I get dressed, because what I love is right in front of me.

I want this same thing for YOU.

My goal is to help you feel confident in your personal style, and feel relief knowing you have precisely what works for you in your closet all of the time. 

This isn’t a course telling you how many pieces to buy, nor does it restrict you from shopping for months at a time. I’m not about that. But it IS a course that will dive DEEP into who you are, what you like, the activities you do on a weekly basis, and it will give you the exact step by step instructions I use to build your dream closet. I want you to feel the freedom that I feel when I get dressed each day. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty awesome. 

So how is this possible, you ask? It’s possible because I have been my own style guinea pig for basically my entire life. I’ve had a style blog for the past 8 years, and I have really dug deep into WHY I dress the way I do, and HOW I can make it easier for you. I’ve really broken down the steps that brought me so much clarity into what I like to wear and why, and it brought me so many aha moments (thank you, Oprah!) that I knew you’d love it, too. 

Here is how ‘Your Simplified Closet’ will help you:

-We will create guidelines for your closet that help eliminate impulse purchases and take the guesswork out of shopping.

 -We will create seasonal looks that work simply and help you get dressed fast.

 -We will purge your closet and know without a doubt what stays and what goes.

 -We will create a list of what you need now, and what areas of your life are the most important to dress for. 

 -We will create and find the perfect uniforms for your exact lifestyle. (You know, the outfits that make you smile and that you reach for time and time again!)

-You will also get ONE 30 minute video styling Q & A with me + unlimited voice messages via Voxer for any and all questions you have!

 How does all this sound? Awesome, right?

Basically, you need this!

Your Simplified Closet is your solution to feeling burdened, overwhelmed, and downright frutrated with your closet and your personal style. 

I want you wearing clothes that feel like YOU.

I want to help you build your dream wardrobe.

And I want you feeling so confident on a daily basis that it radiates out to the people around you. Because you are worth it!




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