• It’s been a few weeks since I’ve dropped into your feed, so HI! I feel like I was in a writing slump for a bit and I was just sort of flowing with that, not forcing anything. It’s that feeling, when you feel like you should do something and it just isn’t working. I am learning to… [Continue Reading]

    A new (fun!) bathing suit + the joy of a restful Summer
  • We have been back from vacation for awhile and have been slowly settling back into our Summer routine. It always takes me a few weeks to get used to having the kids home all the time and figuring out our routine. Last summer was a wash with moving and renovating, so this summer finally feels normal… [Continue Reading]

    Old Navy dresses and fave Amazon buys
  • Hey friends, happy Sunday! It’s been a busy couple of weeks over here! We had family in town (my niece stayed with us for almost 3 weeks and my sister in law came the last week to visit), plus my daughter had swim practice each morning + swim meets, and my son had football camp. I… [Continue Reading]

    Workwear pieces from Old Navy + my plans to head back to work!
  • About a month or so ago I decided to try on my bathing suits from last year and found that none of them fit me or made me feel comfortable. So, instead of thinking I needed to punish myself or head down a road of diet culture or negative thinking, I decided to go on… [Continue Reading]

    Amazon and Aerie bathing suit try on
  • Hello friends! Happy Sunday! How is your weekend so far? We have been enjoying a few low key days where the kids can sleep in and there are a couple days off from swim practice and flag football. I love my babies and watching them play/swim, but I sure do enjoy some time off taxiing… [Continue Reading]

    3 things to think about this week//May 30th