• How are YOU doing? Las week was an off week for me. The best way I can describe it is…extremely low energy, blah mood, nothing excites me and the typical things I fill my day with don’t light me up. I just want to lay on my couch and watch movies and read books. Some… [Continue Reading]

    How are you doing?
  • In 10+ years of blogging I’ve taken 1000’s of photos of myself. Photos than I can look at, compare, analyze. Did Iook better here? Or here? Why do I look like this now versus then? It becomes a thing, where you constantly search for ways to compare yourself to a younger, better version. I’ve done… [Continue Reading]

    Who is your most authentic self?
  • I hope you all had a good weekend where you are. We got a couple inches of snow yesterday and I am excited about that! I have loved living with seasons again after 3 years down South, the first year back is always fun for me. I grew up in New Hampshire and lived there… [Continue Reading]

    3 things to think about this week
  • When you become obsessed with a sweater and buy it in 4 colors. 🥰 I hope no one here is looking for any outfit ideas past this right here, because this is my happy place, k? 🙃 Shop this outfit HERE

    The sweater I own in 4 colors
  • So I messed up yesterday. I missed an important phone call from the dentist and ended up getting some stuff done for the kids and it cost me almost $500, when it was supposed to be free. Which I didn’t realize till after it was done, since you can’t go in with your kids right… [Continue Reading]

    I messed up last week